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Gelgium divers

El Bajo Diver

El Bajo Diver

El Islote DIver

El Bajo Dive Site

El Islote Dive Site Kathy and her pet

Hot Springs Tour

Schooling Fish

El Bajo

Kathy El Islote

El Bajo

Hot Springs Tour

Scott El Islote

Scott El Islote

Scott & Kathy El Islote

Hot Springs Tour

George El Islote

El Islote Rob

Kathy & the Gang


Sierra Hot Springs Tour

Big Grouper at Los Morros Site

Hot Springs Sierra Tour

Hot Springs Tour

Damaged Sea Fan

Giant stonney Coral Bleached

Whale Shark on top from a coral reef

Cup Coral at the Shipwreck

Fishing Line around the elegan coral

Very young coral head


Pictures Take them by Pepe Murrieta