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Preservation and Protection !!
Pepe´s Foundation is dedicate to preserve the natural beauty from Cabo Pulmo.The Only Living Coral Reef from the North West Pacific!!

Saving a Humpback Whale at Los Frailes Bay !!

Pepe's Foundation
When I first came to Cabo Pulmo I never tough I was gonna do a challenge job to preserved this beautifull ecosistem,to help it I had to star an ecotourism proyect, first it all I opened the first Dive Center in the area, and then I started created jobs for local people to change their actitudes about the needs to protect the coral reefs.

Online Contact Info
Clik here for details about the Marine Park !!

A number of situations had happened in this area,such as developers trying to over develop this beautifull area, fishermen trying to comercial fishing for lobsters, coral,tropical fish,etc.


Remember Take Only Pictures and Leave Only Bubbles !!